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 Upgrades to Our Hosting and Server Systems
Posted By: ClickHere2 Network On: 16 May 2019 05:06 PM
Details We are making changes to our Windows and Linux Operating Systems as well as performing upgrades to our Shared Hosting Systems.

16 May 2019 

Upgrades to our Hosting and Server systems

Dear Customer,

We would like to draw your attention to some important changes that we are making in order to keep our server offerings updated with the latest versions of operating systems and software. Please read on for details:

  • Changes to our Windows and Linux Operating Systems
  • Upgrades to our Shared Hosting Systems

Changes to our Windows and Linux Operating Systems

With effect from 16 May 2019, we will be deprecating specific OS versions from our Dedicated and VPS product offerings. Primarily, this exercise ensures that we are adhering to the life cycle commitment of these operating systems and software. These developments are a direct result of the vendors making some significant changes at their end:

  • Microsoft has made an official announcement that confirms the end of support for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2
  • cPanel has started displaying a warning message/interrupting its installation on a CentOS 6 server

OS Deprecations

Owing to these upcoming changes, we are deprecating, and in some cases, making changes to the following OS versions that come along with our Dedicated and VPS product offerings:

Operating Systems
End of Life Date
Ubuntu 14.04
April 2019
Windows 2008
14 Jan 2020
CentOS 6 30 Nov 2020

Updating the operating systems is an essential activity from a maintenance point of view simply because that makes it easier to tackle any upgrade and provide flawless assistance. The removal of these operating systems well in advance will ensure that no new servers are added closer to the end of their life cycles, thereby reducing any hassles later on.

OS Additions

As is the case with old software that gets decommissioned and is later followed by the introduction of their replacements, we will be introducing some more versions of operating systems for these products. These new options will include CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian 8. By making these versions available, we aim to bring about consistency in our OS offerings across all our geo-locations.

How will this change impact you?

Once these changes are implemented, our purchase flow will disallow you from buying any new servers with these deprecated systems. However, the existing (already purchased) servers will not be affected in any way.

Having said that, we strongly recommend that you get started with the migration process to a newer operating system well in advance so as to avoid any inconvenience that may arise when these systems near the end of their life cycles.

Upgrades to our Shared Hosting Systems

As our continued commitment towards you, we keep upgrading our Shared Hosting systems to ensure that your websites get the best performance and security. Read on to know more:

  1. All our servers are now on the latest stable cPanel version 78: This version brings with it multiple performance optimizations and security fixes.

  2. Introducing email deliverability interface: This brand new interface helps you track down and correct problems with your domain’s SPF, DKIM, and PTR configuration.

  3. cPanel banner:  Introducing the quick access bar, now access important announcements and instructions with ease. Just at the top of your cPanel page, the access bar is always within your reach.

While this version brings to you the latest in bug fixes and security patches, the next one will be even more secure. To prepare yourself for the next upgrade in November 2019, we would highly recommend you to:
  • Use clients that support TLS v1.2: We will stop supporting TLS v1.0 and v1.1 with our next cPanel upgrade and will only continue to support the more secure TLS v1.2 since it is supported by the most recent versions of all email clients. Should you continue to use these older versions, you will not be able to use your older email clients or FTP clients.
  • Switch to Horde or Roundcube: In case you are using SquirrelMail. We will be deprecating SquirrelMail in our next upgrade.

If you have any queries, please contact us at support@clickhere2.com or our Customer Support Centre at http://support.clickhere2.com .

Yours sincerely,

Customer Support Team
ClickHere2 Network Pte Ltd

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